non slip lino

Afloor are the largest online supplier of non slip lino flooring.

We provide non slip lino Flooring to a variety of clients, our range of non slip lino Flooring has been selected to complement our clients requirements when choosing their non slip lino Flooring.

Our non slip lino Flooring can be selected by manufacturer, colour or price.

We work closely with Forbo, Armstrong and Tarkett to offer our customers the largest online selection of non slip lino Flooring.

Our non slip lino is suitable for installation in a variety of areas, including commercial foyers, office canteens and residential kitchens, non slip lino is ideal for high traffic areas, and non slip lino Flooring can brighten any heavy traffic area.

We know you will find the right non slip lino Flooring for your project or home in our selection.

non slip lino is the natural choice for people and the environment.

non slip lino is natural, versatile and sustainable. Combining tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, our non slip lino collection offer a fresh approach to the flooring needs of today and lifestyles of tomorrow.

Drawing on trend analysis and colour expertise, we have a rich collection of designs to meet the ambitions of any architectural project wanting to use non slip lino. Our second generation of xf surface treatment increases the resistance of non slip lino to bring improved durability and easier maintenance for a highly cost effective non slip lino flooring. A combination of natural quality with resistance to heavy traffic it is ideal for sectors like education, offices and healthcare.

Our non slip lino products are associated with durability, high quality and beautiful, innovative design. Our non slip lino range of resilient floor coverings includes solutions for virtually any type of situation. All our non slip lino products are easy to maintain, whatever the application.

Afloor recommend all non slip lino be installed with non slip lino adhesive, there are a number of vinyl flooring adhesive manufacturers on the market such as Floorwise adhesive, F Ball adhesive and Laybond adhesive.

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